A gallery is a stop in becoming a work of art: a stop between the artist’s studio and the next destination – another gallery, a museum, the house of a collector or an art lover. Artep gives coherence and meaning to this stop – through the curation of the exhibitions, through the themes of the workshops, through the special events designed to facilitate the dialogue between artist, gallery and public.


With a clear mission to make local and regional art more accessible to everyone, ArtEast is the newest gallery opened in Iași. Its goal is to encourage, support and promote living art, of the time in which we live, to cultivate artists with an innovative spirit, whether they are emerging or established, to enjoy together what the visual arts offer us today.

U.A.P.R. Art Galleries

Since 1978, the Iași Branch of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania has been operating in Casa Istrati (Drossu), built in the 19th century.

Aparte Gallery

Aparte Gallery is the art gallery of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, “G. Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi.

Dana Art Gallery

Dana Art Gallery is an established ieșean brand since 2006, with a focus on promoting young artists. is an independent network of NGOs supported by the ERSTE Foundation in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and since 2012, in Romania.

Borderline Art Space

Borderline Art Space is promoting contemporary art produced in diverse social, political and borderline situations, and fosters critical discourse on present problematics and poetics.