5 craft breweries in Iași and 5 restaurants with even more craft beer

The community of craft beer lovers in Iași is consolidating every year, encouraged by the local craft brewers who are more skilled and creative with their recipes and the pubs that highlight them on their menus. We’ve got six craft breweries in the city (out of over 70 nationally) and at least as many places […]

Two wheels routes in Iași recommended by ProBikeAddiction

There is no bike lover in Iași that did not hear at least one time of ProBikeAddiction. Whether they have traveled together, taken their classes, or volunteered, they are familiar with the activity of the team who made cycling appealing. Iași feels widely different from a bicycle, so I was keen to speak with the […]

5 local places with delicious options for vegetarians

Culinary preferences tend to become more and more diverse, and restaurants in Iași succeed in keeping pace with customers’ expectations to offer outstanding experiences. From the aspect of dishes to how the space looks, from hospitality to being keen to go back, everything matters in building a relationship beyond transactional. This is how you can […]