Tranzy is the mobile application that guides you through the city, when you choose to take the bus or the tram. It gives you real-time up-to-date information about lines, the location of nearby stations, the time of arrival of the means of transport at the station, the optimal routes depending on the chosen starting point, the distance to the destination, vehicles and traffic alerts. Its founders aim to develop more than just a guiding app for users, but a whole integrated urban mobility platform. Watch them closely!


Digitail has been built together with doctors and tech specialists. Combining the best of both worlds, they have designed a software for veterinary practices that helps doctors and clinic managers to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve their operations.


Hereitis is a mobile app launched in Iași that tracks public transportation vehicles so you know where each one is at any point in time, so you spend less time waiting for them.


Metabeta is a local startup that offers portfolio management software for early-stage investors, accelerators, angels, and venture capital firms.


SenseTask is a cloud-based platform that uses AI to automatically process multiple types of financial, insurance and legal documents, by initially classifying them into invoices, receipts, contracts etc., and then extracting the desired data for each type


Synovus is an ultra-portable device for joints rehabilitation capable to move patients’ limbs, that can be used anytime and anywhere.


Founded in Iași by Ionuț Pătrășcoiu, FameUp is an app that automates the connection between Brands and Local Influencers with 500 – 10k+ followers.


Featured on TechCrunch, Product Hunt and Digital Trends, PixTeller is a startup founded in Iași that lets you easily create designs and animations online.


Nestor is a startup that assists companies to nurture a coaching culture inside their organization through AI technology, coaching knowledge and leadership tools.

Nifty Learning

Started in 2016 in Iași at Startup Weekend by Letitia, Victor, Cristi and Bogdan, Nifty Learning is now scaling globally.