ProBikeAddiction promotes cycling by organizing weekly bike riding courses, guided cycling tours (themed or customized depending on the group), bike servicing, consultancy, and courses for cycling safety (mechanical operations and behavior in traffic).

Repedea Hill (Releu)

Repedea Hill or “la releu” as the people of Iași call it, with an altitude of 353 m, differentiates itself among the seven hills primarily by the spectacular panorama over the city. From the highest peak, above Cuesta Iasi, you can admire the main landmarks in the city, the surrounding hills, and lakes.

Climb Again Iași

Climb Again Climbing Gym provides 400 sqm (> 4300 sqft) of climbing surfaces, with over 100 climbing and bouldering routes for adults and kids alike. All routes are reset on a montly basis and are suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers. No equipment? No worries! Full gear rentals are available at the front desk. Various classes available, day trips, birthday parties for kids, team-buildings and corporate events.

Leo Tennis Club

Leo Tennis Club has 6 outdoor slug fields and 2 indoor fields. They also have night lights so you can play at any time of day. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, don’t worry, you can rent rackets and balls from them. The Club is in the outskirts of Iași, in the Rediu region.

Hamak Adventure Park

HAMAK, the leisure and good cheer club, is one of the most beautiful leisure destinations in Iași, because here you can climb the mountaineering panel or on the 15 routes in the Adventure Park, descending on one of the 15 existing zip lines. You can play paintball with your friends in the woods, you can shoot at the target with an airsoft gun/rifle or, if you are “old-fashioned”, you can shoot with a bow. In addition to all this, they have for you 2 tennis tables, a volleyball / badminton court, 4 trampolines, 7 comfortable houses and a lake full of fish, where the silence is bathed and mirrored.

Brizo Beach Sports and Lounge

Brizo offers water sports adventures like wakeboarding on Aroneanu Lake near the city. It also has a beach volleyball area and hosts parties and events.

Eager Beaver

Self proclaimed “wet adventure team”, Eager Beaver will get you unforgettable kayak rides and experiences in natural areas around the city.

Palas Ice Skating Ring

During the wintertime, this is the absolute best place to go ice skating. It has a wonderful vibe with great music and it’s wonderfully decorated.