Palas Food Court

The Palas Food Court is the largest foodcourt in this region of Romania. With a complete variety of cuisines, the whole interior has a view of the Palace of Culture and Palas Park. It also smells great, as you could imagine.

Bistro Felix

Located in an old beautiful house at the bottom of the Copou hill, with a wonderful huge terrace where you can enjoy the summers, Bistro Felix has a warm interior and diverse menu for every taste bud.


Color has taste, says Oliv. Located close to the Railway Station, Oliv is one of the most tasty street food spots in Iași. With tacos, sandwiches and some of the best fries you will ever taste, Oliv is the perfect place for food on the go.

Moo Bistro

Moo is a cozy yet large bistro in the heart of Palas, with a terrace overlooking Palas Park. It serves a variety of dishes including breakfast, salads, pasta, pizza, burgers, steaks and deserts. Moo loves you too!

Cinema Bistro

Homemade burgers, wings, french fries, cream soups, sandwiches, salads, tacos, nachos, desserts and exceptional drinks. All can be enjoyed on the terrace in the old city center, on Lăpușneanu street.

Bistro Copou

Terrace in the greenest area in Iași, across the street from Copou Park.

Tiki Bistro

A small, exotic restaurant with a different kind of taste mix, Tiki Bistro is right in the middle of Unirii Square. Sushi, burgers, noodles, you name it.


Corso is one of the oldest garden restaurants in Iași, still going strong. With its unique arched shape that encompasses a beautiful garden, Corso is right in heart of city and awaits for you with pizza, pasta, salads, drinks and much more.


Basically any food you’d like to try. All tasty, all fresh, with an evergreen menu.

Caravan Gastrobar

The camel comes to you with goodies! After many hikes and experiences, he stopped on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard. And he came here to satisfy his longing for adventure, culture, bohemian places and delicious food.