Fratelli Lounge & Club

Restaurant by day, club by night. Fratelli is an upscale lounge inside Palas, hosting live music events and parties that last forever.

Skin Music Lounge

A stylish and upscale club, Skin already has tradition in Iași. You’ll find it in the Palas area, if you’re ready for a long night. Love your Skin!

Tiki Beach

Swimming pool and leisure during the day, party hard club during the nights. Tiki Beach offers an outdoor experience within a short taxi ride off the city centre.


Underground Pub is one of the liveliest entertainment venues in Iasi and is located in the Central area, inside the Shopping Galleries. It was born in March 2011. In terms of musical genres, you’ll enjoy rock, hip-hop and dnb.

Manhattan Bar

Party like there’s no tomorrow in this cool bar on the streets of the Tudor Vladimirescu student campus.

Cafeneaua Piața Unirii

The biggest cafe in the Unirii Square. Cafeneaua Piața Unirii has a large terrace, an intimate bar inside and a club in the underground floors where partying becomes legendary. With a diverse menu of food and drinks, you can stay a while.


The archive of wonderful memories. Timeout is such a lively place that it can bring any spirit up high. Located on Copou hill, it’s famous for its unique vibe.