Turnul de apă

The Water Tower Restaurant is located up on Copou Hill and it actually is inside a water tower structure. With a wonderful garden and intimate tables surrounded by greenery, this place is magical. In the menu, you’ll find local dishes and also Mediterranean ones.

Little Texas

Little Texas is more than a restaurant, a fine dining experience in an elegant and effervescent style & a vibrant atmosphere. You can choose to eat indoors or in the most beautiful garden in the city and, if an important event is coming, Little Texas is the experience you have to choose.

La castel

La Castel is a large complex comprised of restaurant halls, gardens, a hotel and event venues. The place is located a bit off from the top of the Copou Hill, at the edge of the city, inside a forest. The landscape is beautiful and appropriate for a quiet getaway not far from the crowded city.

“Anastasie Fătu” Botanical Garden

Anastasie Fătu, an important doctor and naturalist from the Iași of the 19th century was the one who founded the oldest Botanical Garden in Romania, in 1856, on a land of his own, in the Yellow Precipice area.