Repedea Hill (Releu)

Repedea Hill or “la releu” as the people of Iași call it, with an altitude of 353 m, differentiates itself among the seven hills primarily by the spectacular panorama over the city. From the highest peak, above Cuesta Iasi, you can admire the main landmarks in the city, the surrounding hills, and lakes.

Dorobanț and Aroneanu Lakes

Aroneanu and Dorobanț lakes are situated in the northern part of Iași, near the villages with the same names. Besides being areas where you can just chill and enjoy nature, you can also practice sports like fishing, rent boats and kayaks or find accommodation and a good meal.

Bârnova Commune

The dozens of trails in the woods provide the connoisseurs with countless trails that can test their bicycles and endurance.

Bucium Hill – Bucium Monastery

The fourth hill of our route is Bucium, connected to the Păun hill (408m). The “Trinitas” cross from Păun, built in 2006, is 40 meters high and is the largest cross on the territory of Romania. It is also the main broadcasting antenna for Christian-Ortodox Radio Trinitas.

Ciric Forest and Leisure Park

The reservoirs in the valley of the Ciric River were created from the desire of the city’s inhabitants to have a leisure area. The chain of lakes had the role of regulating the flow of water downstream and also they became the ideal place for recreation in Iasi.

Breazu Hill

The Breazu Hill, the sixth hill, is known by the town people as a quiet place for walking. From the E58 road in the Cacaina’s Valley, we climb steeply on a trail that crosses agricultural land and we reach the La Castel (“At the Castle”) restaurant.

Repedea Hill – Repedea Reserve

Repedea Hill, or “the relay” as the locals call it, has an altitude of 353 m, and stands out of the seven hills by its spectacular panorama over the city.