Bisou is an almost magical place where passion meets industrious hands, international recipes with local ingredients and customer satisfaction with the smile of the team that makes the impossible a tasty possibility.

Cuptorul Moldovencei

Tasty and healthy pies, pastries, cakes and tarts, born from respect for tradition and people. You can find a Cuptorul Moldovencei bakery shop in almost every neighborhood in Iași, or you can order online.

Casa Berarilor Artizani Iasi

Casa Berarilor Artizani Iași awaits you with over 50 varieties of craft beer, which are more and more spectacular, promising you unique, extraordinary experiences.

Cârciuma Veche

A traditional pub that keeps the vibe of the old Iași alive. Located right near the City Hall and National Theatre Park, Cârciuma Veche serves local dishes and wines. You might be able to hear some live music, too!

Turnul de apă

The Water Tower Restaurant is located up on Copou Hill and it actually is inside a water tower structure. With a wonderful garden and intimate tables surrounded by greenery, this place is magical. In the menu, you’ll find local dishes and also Mediterranean ones.

La Plăcinte

La Plăcinte is a Moldavian specialties restaurant franchise. The one in Iași is on Copou Hill. Along with the authentic taste of traditional dishes, here you will find a wide variety of traditional pies and deserts.

La Conac

With traditional Romanian food and atmosphere, La Conac offers the authenticity of a place full of history and memories, inclined towards simplicity and value. Here you can find authentic Romanian dishes in the widest variety possible, and you can serve in an interior specially decorated to recreate the Romanian traditional rural home.

Bolta Rece House

Bolta Rece (The Cold Vault) is a symbol and a refference spot for every iesean. A traditional romanian restaurant dating back to 1786, it draws its name from the wide and intertwined wine cellars, on different level, like underground floors. The restaurant was designed in moldavian style, like a peasant house, with a porch. Its history is forever tied to the Junimea members, especially writer Ion Creanga and romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu, for this was the place they used to drink and dine and where their friendship was born.