Fire Kultur

Fire Kultur is an artistic group with more than ten years of experience specializing in furniture and ambient ceramic installations.

Atelier Poteca

Atelier Poteca is a painting and ceramics workshop founded by the artist Dan Ursu.


Bisou is an almost magical place where passion meets industrious hands, international recipes with local ingredients and customer satisfaction with the smile of the team that makes the impossible a tasty possibility.

Cuptorul Moldovencei

Tasty and healthy pies, pastries, cakes and tarts, born from respect for tradition and people. You can find a Cuptorul Moldovencei bakery shop in almost every neighborhood in Iași, or you can order online.

Pan Artisan

Pan Artisan is a project that came to life from a great passion for the ancient memories of the baking and leavening methods of bread.

All varieties are fermented slowly, about 30 hours, have no improvers or other additions, only flour from controlled cultures, water and seeds.

Ironic Taproom Iași

Ironic Taproom Iași appeared on the local beer scene in 2022. What sets them apart from other places is the availability of beers in small quantities, 100ml, for example. That’s a lovely approach if you want to test a new beer. The menu features 20 house beers exclusively on draft, but the folks at Ironic are always bringing in goodies.

THC Brewery

THC Brewery kicked off on this journey in 2018 as a nomad microbrewery with an oncologist and real estate developer at the helm. The pilot beer was a Pale Ale made from a particular hop from the Ground Zero factory in Bucharest. They sold it for the first time at Beer Zone in unprecedented quantities until today. Now, they have six beers in their portfolio, a dry stout and a fruity one. From 2021, they will produce their beer in Iași, in their own factory, where they run music and tasting events from time to time.

Casa Berarilor Artizani Iasi

Casa Berarilor Artizani Iași awaits you with over 50 varieties of craft beer, which are more and more spectacular, promising you unique, extraordinary experiences.


Craft beer is not an accident. At Șapte Coline (Seven Hills) Brewery, the beer is produced according to proven and time-tested recipes to guarantee the same premium taste in every glass.

Capra Noastră

Our goat is a cheerful craft beer, made in Iași, which does not quarrel with the neighbor’s beer, but supports entrepreneurship and crafts. She wants to help her friends to make friends, to put together ideas and concepts from different worlds and to hate less. Our craft beer and the humor of the people of Iași are created to bring people together, to unleash their creativity.