Voivodes Park

At the bottom of Copou hill, there’s a small but unique park, hosting 8 statues of Romanian rulers: Alexander The Good, Dimitrie Cantemir, Dragoș Vodă, Vodă the Brave, Mihai the Brave, Petru Rareș, Stephen the Great and Vasile Lupu..

Chess Players’ Park

Fancy some chess or rummy with locals? Head on to Podu Roș neighbourhood. There’s a small corner park where community elders enjoy the thinking games.

Junimea Park

Reconditioned a few years ago, the Junimea Park is situated behind the bookstore with the same name. A classic park inside the city’s crowded area, but where you can find fitness machines and enjoy a short walk.

“Anastasie Fătu” Botanical Garden

Anastasie Fătu, an important doctor and naturalist from the Iași of the 19th century was the one who founded the oldest Botanical Garden in Romania, in 1856, on a land of his own, in the Yellow Precipice area.

Expoziție Park

Expoziție Park (Exposition Park), located up on Copou Hill, looks like a stylistic mix between Palas Park and Copou: more drink & food options than Copou, but not as packed with them as Palas.

Copou Park

Probably the most storied park in Romania, Copou is found up on Copou hill, from which it gets its name.

Palas Public Garden

An award winning park design, Palas Public Garden is a well maintained landscape in the southern face of the Palace of Culture. Walking alleys, huge green lawns, pavilions and a venetian carousel, all of that waits for you to enjoy a relaxing day close to a variety of shops and restaurants.

Ciric Forest and Leisure Park

The reservoirs in the valley of the Ciric River were created from the desire of the city’s inhabitants to have a leisure area. The chain of lakes had the role of regulating the flow of water downstream and also they became the ideal place for recreation in Iasi.