El Barin

The place where you can enjoy a chosen drink, a tasty meal or a coffee in the company of loved ones, El Barin from Iasi brings its customers the opportunity to find in one place everything they need for moments of relaxation. Oh, and latino music!

Kraft Pub

Kraft Pub is a restaurant and pub located near the student campus, so its clients are mostly young people. They serve a variety of dishes

Czech In – Resto Brewery

Staropramen’s chain in Iași. Get to enjoy the already renowned interior, dishes and a wonderful outdoor seating area in this pub located in Palas.

Atelierul de bere

The “beer workshop” makes you an offer you can’t refuse: 40 kinds of beer, of which 8 assorted by draft and 32 by the bottle, is the only place in Iasi where house beer is served, a good drink with a friendlier price. At Atelierul de Bere, loyal customers benefit free of charge from the service of each personal mug. The only place in Iași that offers a safe box for your mug.

Legend Pub

Karaoke, parties, live concerts, food and drinks, all right near Palas and the Palace of Culture. Legendary!

Radio Gaga English Pub

With over 100 types of beer and whiskey, Radio Gaga is a cozy english pub on Alexandru Lăpușneanu street, the city’s old town.

Hunter’s Pub

Fancy some dancing in the green heart of Copou Hill? Hunter’s Pub is located right inside the Exhibition Park, far enough to feel like a getaway, not too far to get home safe after a night of drinking and dancing.

Oxford Pub

The pub where things happen. You can find Oxford pub in Palas complex, if you’re up for a long white night.

The Trumpets

As soon as you leave work and you stop looking into the screen you will hear the indecently wicked sound of The Trumpets. Indulge your other senses, forget about your duties and remember all your friends! Fancy a pint? You have loads to cherish and plenty of good reasons to stay in this mighty decent British pub of Iași.

Beer Zone

The best beer house in town. With over 200 beer brands, Beer Zone is one of the special places in Iași. You have to meet the owner, Iulian, and his love for quality brews.