Cuptorul Moldovencei

Tasty and healthy pies, pastries, cakes and tarts, born from respect for tradition and people. You can find a Cuptorul Moldovencei bakery shop in almost every neighborhood in Iași, or you can order online.

Palas Food Court

The Palas Food Court is the largest foodcourt in this region of Romania. With a complete variety of cuisines, the whole interior has a view of the Palace of Culture and Palas Park. It also smells great, as you could imagine.

Frateria L’Artisan

In Ștefan Buraga’s chocolate shop, Frateria-L’Artisan, you will find pralines with creative and unexpected assortments, which you would not think of when you buy a chocolate: lavender, tobacco, red wine or cage.

Leomi Chocolate

Benedicta started her chocolate workshop in Iași and is producing a wide range of fine chocolates. Her passion really shows in the taste and refinement of each piece.

Marabou Pastry Shop

A little happiness factory, Marabou is one of the finest cake shops in Iași. Situated in the Tătărași neighbourhood and ran by pastry chef Irina Hriapcă, Marabou is sure to impress both your taste buds and eyes.


Tuffli Cake Shop has an attractive, intimate and tasteful design specific to the West. Here you can find a wide range of cakes and pastries made in their own laboratory by a staff with over 10 years of experience in this field. The goodies they can offer you are based on natural ingredients without additives, preservatives or synthetic products.