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Bethany Foundation of Social Services

Bethany Iași Social Services Foundation supports children with disabilities and young people in difficulty, offering them therapeutic, psychological and material support.

They help people discover what is most precious in them and those around them, beyond prejudice, discrimination and feelings of helplessness.
They always turn their attention to families who have lost their balance due to a financial, medical or understanding problem and we work to find solutions together.
The services and programs through which they come to the aid of those who need our support aim at:
– integrated therapy programs for children and young people with disabilities;
– parenting counseling and education programs;
-educational programs dedicated to children and young people from rural areas or from disadvantaged families;
– psycho-social support for young people in difficult situations;
– training of specialists in the field of social assistance;
– volunteer programs;
– events and campaigns that bring the community closer to our causes.

Stradela Varianta Uzinei 1, Iași 700259

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