Cosy specialty coffee shop in the heart of the city. Gist redefined what a coffee space design should be and built a community of togetherness around it.

Located somewhere at the intersection of the clutter of life and the peace after you made order in it, Gist woke up a part of Iasi that needed a coffee.

This is where what you feel and experience matters, and we strive to bring out the best in you and us. It’s the place you’ve been to before, even though it’s the first time you’ve crossed our threshold. A place where if you don’t know how to put your thoughts in order, you swing until you feel dizzy and order yourself. A place where even if you come alone, you will not feel that way, because you will find someone you know to browse through memories or you can have conversations with those you find here.

At Gist, not only tea is dancing, but everything we have on the menu, because the music is always on vibe. In the shop window, you will find pastries and sweets, always ready to satisfy your cravings for something good.

When evening falls, after 17:00, it is the place where you can quietly give coffee every morning on alcohol for not all evenings, but only those that end hard days. Oh, and the sunset, how the lights of the sunset play with our space. Just come!

Str. Cuza Voda nr. 4 700036 Iasi, Romania
Photo by Tudor Munteanu

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