Photo by Marius Ursache


Metabeta is a local startup that offers portfolio management software for early-stage investors, accelerators, angels, and venture capital firms.

Founded by entrepreneurs Marius Ursache and Vlad Bodi, Metabeta uses streamlined deal flows, real-time portfolio metrics and a support and growth network to connect startups, investors and accelerators so they can collaborate faster and smarter. It uses a hybrid intelligence system, through the integration of complex data, in order to better evaluate and select startups that are in an incipient stage of development that become part of the platform. In 2021, Metabeta raised 500.000 Euros from an initial seed round led by Neogen Capital and other 15 angel investors that is going to be used for the development of the product into a marketplace. It currently has over 4.500 users (investors and startups).

Iasi, Romania

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