The “Art Georgies” Galleries

The history of the “Art Georgies” Galleries began in 1992, in Iași, out of passion for the art of decorative mosaïc.

Nowadays, they are the most respected Romanian brand in this sector, due to the extensive experience of the authors and to the items’ top quality. The brand has shops and galleries in Iași and Bucharest. The “Art Georgies” Galleries on “Ștefan cel Mare” Boulevard are located in a historical monument building belonging to the Catholic Episcopal Ensemble in Iași. Over 200 artists from Iași and all over Moldavia are working on these marvelous works of art.

The unique techniques have brought them international fame. They won gold medals at international exhibitions of inventions in Brussels, Moscow and Iași with the Art Georgies mosaïcs. The design is notable through the rich colour and the increased resistance compared to other existing materials on the market. Another gold medal was received in 2012 in Geneva, for the development of a multi-layer glass manufacturing method.

The Art Georgies works are diverse, with various techniques and themes. The decorative mosaïc of different materials, the stained-glass windows, the merged glass, the painting on different materials are only some of the techniques used. The artists from Art Georgies also create paintings, decorative objects, furniture items or lighting pieces. The themes encountered in their creations are inspired mainly by iconography, but also by Renaissance or Post-Impressionist paintings.

The mosaïc of “Saint Parascheva” on the façade of the Metropolitan Palace in Iași and the impressive mosaïc in the pronaos of the Old Metropolitan Cathedral (“Saint George” Church from the Metropolitan ensemble) are the most impressive achievements of the Art Georgies artists. Their imprint can also be found on stained-glass windows and mosaïcs in numerous religious places in Romania or abroad. Greece is one of the main countries that appreciate the mosaïc type products and Ukraine is an excellent market for the icons painted on melted glass in extrudate forms.

The uniqueness of the “Art Georgies” Galleries” on “Ștefan cel Mare” Boulevard, opened in July 2014, is given by the great concept of tea & coffee gallery. The espresso is the star, with that intense flavour specific to Italy, while the infused teas are varied. The galleries have a wide terrace with retro furniture on the “Ștefan cel Mare” pedestrian boulevard. The atmosphere is many times completed by cultural events and live folk, blues or jazz music concerts, making it a complete artistic product. In front of the galleries, near the terrace, the magnet-jewellery of the brand is sometimes exhibited – the famous Volkswagen car, plated with gilded mosaïc, almost a symbol of the pedestrian sidewalk.

Calea Chișinăului nr. 32, Iași 700064
Photo by Art Georgies