Street art

Zimbru Urban + Aspire + Discipolul Luminii + Devenire

A collection of four artworks on the walls of the Elena Cuza School in Păcurari Neighborhood.

“In this work I tried to make an x-ray of the neighborhood. To recompose elements and symbols of its specificity in the form of an urbanized animal, which carries behind the various theories regarding the origin of the name of the neighborhood, its history, architecture and economy. ” Harcea Pacea

“Aspire is the work by which we have tried to capture the spirit that education should have in personal discovery, thus defining new goals and aspirations, the final conclusion being personal evolution.” Kaps Crew

“Through this work we want to highlight the return of man to the subordination of the natural environment, by adopting a sustainable way of life. We wanted to point out the intersection between old and new technologies that are based on nature as a primary source. ”

Taking into account the location of the painting, but also the characteristics of the location, they created a composition closely related to the specifics of the area, which would inspire not only the idea of ​​”beautiful” but also send a message about the importance of pursuing dreams and of passions, through knowledge and creativity, acquired through the education received in school.

Artists : Harcea Pacea, Kaps Crew, Grafo Dragos + Violeta Dalas, Fragmenta + Bea Hopes

Stradela Canta 10, Iași 700527
Photo by Artipic Association