Romanian Creative Week 2022
Art / Creative / Design

Romanian Creative Week 2022

From May 20, 2022
To May 30, 2022
Multiple locations in Iasi

Romanian Creative Week (RCW22) brings together synergistically most areas of the creative industries (architecture, performing arts, music, film, fashion, visual arts, advertising, new media, design, etc.). The main objective of the event is to facilitate the meeting between creative young people with professionals from the targeted fields in a joint effort to promote, develop and consolidate the creative industries. This will be done both in the country and in the region, all in front of an extremely diverse audience, demanding and curious, approached both directly and online.

As a natural continuation of the first edition, RCW22 expands its area of ​​presentation and exploration of creativity through indoor and outdoor exhibitions, architectural contests and interventions, surprising new media events, augmented reality challenges and immersions in virtual realities, workshops, shows fashion, film screenings, live music and culinary extravagances, giving RE: START to the whole country.

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