Organica Balcanica

Organica Balcanica is an interdisciplinary approach of visual design and user experience to ceramic craft. Here is where the curiously natural is felt with all sense, studied, transformed, and manufactured by Cristina Poncu, in her studio in Iași. Recommended for: personal space, intimate & calming setups, SPA decorations, boutique hotels, sustainable interiors and plant rooms.


Teluric creates unique leather bags and handmade jewellery. They reuse and recycle what goes into the Teluric bags, so that, giving them a new life, they can leave room for new life in the environment where we all live.


Levisez is a local brand of clothes made sustainably from recycled materials (upcycled), 100% natural. Maria and Alexandru started with an idea that turned into a living room project. They now have a vision and plans for the future: “we want to be part of the change that matters”. In their workshop they use only upcycled materials – rolls of footage of various sizes recovered from textile factories, which would end up in the landfill – which they turn into clothing. No collection is the same as before, every lot we recover is different. This search gives rise to hybrid ideas, from which drawn drawings become bold cuts, which later become new clothes.


Pământiu is Mădălina’s wonderful journey to create unique, handmade objects from modelling clay. With a distinctive color palette and style, Mădălina’s brooches are the ideal small gift for your loved ones.

Maison Chouchou

Maison Chouchou is the fashion workshop developed under Alexandra’s signature. Leaving art completely influence her work, Alexandra created an eclectic clothing style that seeks for confidence, comfort and an intensive self sense of what a woman truly is.

The workshop brings clean cuts, quality fabrics and complimentary design. But this was also brought by others.
You are not monotonous. You are vibrant, you are spread in so many colors and cases, you have different moods and complex feelings. You are unitary, but so different in every moment that you meet.
Maison Chouchou thinks of clothing that is adequate for the whole you, that influence, that strengthen you, that reflect you completely.


Bulb27 is a project of applied art on industrial and vintage objects. Whether we are talking about industrial shuttles used in textil industry from the former G.D.R. or the bugle used on Ford cars model T from the ’40s, objects transposed in lamps loses their primary function and in some cases mimic organic or industrial structures.


Silver accessories, made entirely by hand, in peace, with passion, in a minimalist design that captures different subtleties of the personality and reflects them.


Chotronette is a design duo comprised of Silvia Chiteala and Laura Cazacu, based in Iasi, Romania. We’re obsessed with Frida Kahlo, retro punk music, Art Nouveau architecture, Wes Anderson’s movies and Victorian glasshouses.

Atelier Magrit

Atelier Magrit is an organic ceramic studio that offers the uniqueness of natural handmade earthenware, with the noble beauty you’d expect of fine art.