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A true European metropolis

The second largest city in Romania by population, Iași is also the fastest growing city in the country. With a population of more than 400.000 inhabitants and over 60.000 students graduating each year in the fields of exact sciences, humanities and medicine, Iași is growing each day and has become an important business and cultural pole. Here, tradition and modern life are in a perfect symbiosis. 

the first romanian university | the first theatre in the country | the oldest and largest botanical garden | the first printing press | the first jewish theatre in the world | the first museum of natural history | the first medical society | the first medical school | the first play in Romanian | the first public monument | the first lifestyle center in the country |

Facts and figures

Connected to Europe

Iași International Airport is the second largest regional airport in Romania, offering over 22 european destinations including Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel.

Academic center

With 5 public universities and 2 private ones, Iași is an important academic center, accommodating yearly over 60.000 graduates with excellent professional training and language skills.

Fast internet

Romania has the 5th fastest internet connection speed in the world and Iași is a major hub of the IT and Outsourcing industry in the country.


Iași is just a 2 hour drive from Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, and is linked to all major cities in Romania by the european road E585.

Cultural and historical center

The former capital and the birthplace of modern Romania, with more than 600 years of recorded history, Iași holds the title of Romania's Capital of Culture.

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