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Coworking spaces

Coworking la Etaj by Acaju

Acaju has turned its cozy interior into co-working space for creatives during work hours.

Let this be a place where you can find peace and inspiration for your work day, a space where you can be productive or creative. Take a break from the monotony of home.

Coworking La Etaj includes three types of packages:
🌒 1 day – 35 lei
🌓 12 days / month – 300 lei
🌔 20 days / month – 450 lei

Each package includes the following:
👩🏻‍💻 A reserved workspace (table) with access to the socket;
💓 Internet, of course;
🖨 Access to the printer;
☕️ Coffee, water & tea;

Strada Anastasie Fătu nr 2a, Iași 700618

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