Street art

The Gathering

Industrial landscape revitalization project, carried out in 4 separate editions, during the period August 2017 - June 2018. This area has many murals and is a must-see place for anyone who loves street art.

3 editions focused on the exterior painting of buildings on the platform of the former furniture factory, while in one of The interior of the recently disbanded “Hala Fix” Independent Theater was painted in the same premises. The project was carried out by Hubrica, in collaboration with Hala Fix and Rockanotherworld.


Kaps Crew, Harcea Pacea, Grafo Dragoș, Ortaku, Sweet Damage Crew (Recis, Radu Pandele, Biex, Lost Optics, Cage), Pisica Pătrată, Robert Obert, John DoT S, Maria Bălan, Serebe, Alexandra Floarea, Elena Ignia, Ache77, Exit Enter, Ni-aN, Hopa, Standard, Rick boy, Jameboy, Andrei Q-bo, Alcaz Alex, Anastache Rick, Silviu Luda, Ionut Filimon, Emanuel Chiriac, Bea Hopes, Bianca Anton, Caras Alexandra, Larisa Danilov, Arcadia Szeb, Goes, Claudiu Botezatu, Violeta Dalas, Victoria Ceban, Bogdan Petean, Alt Astru, Beno, Georgea Dura, Rov, Bust, Irina Morosan, Ionut Ciocan, Stefan Mitrea.

Strada Bucium 34, Iași 700265
Photo by Artipic Association