Târgu Cucului Neighbourhood

Five streets coming from different parts of the city, meet in Târgu Cucului: Cuza Vodă, Costache Negri, Elena Doamna, Cucu and Sărărie.

Grand Synagogue

In the 1930s, Iași was home to over 100 Jewish houses of prayer or synagogues. Today there are only two of them still open. Most of the synagogues were arranged in simple houses, without a special architecture, due to the fast evolution of the community in the 18th and 19th century.

Merarilor Synagogue

The Jewish places of worship were organized on professional criteria, each synagogue taking the name of a guild. The same was for the “Merarilor” Synagogue on Elena Doamna Street in Târgu Cucului, where apple sellers and gatherers came to pray.

Jewish Community Centre

The Jewish community, initially known as the “Jewish guild” (breasla jidovească), had the role of organizing the spiritual and economical life of its members. This also had a political role, the guild being the legal representative of the Jewish citizens.

“Princess Elena” Hospital

The trusteeship (administration) of the Israeli Hospital, founded in 1827, bought from the headman Mihalache Cantacuzino, in 1841, an abandoned inn on the White street, the current Elena Doamna Street.