Co-working spaces in the city

Iași has seen new co-working spaces open in the last years, some in cafes, some organized specifically for resource sharing, events and networking.

My favorite running and hiking routes

In the city  When I run in the city, there’s three main locations I use. These are not the only options, really you can run on any sidewalk straight enough to suit your taste, Iași is a very safe place, but these are the best, for me at least.  The stadium. Usually open from 7 […]

Best cafes for your creative work

If you’re used to remote working and looking for a nice place to do it while in Iasi (and maybe a productivity boost), we have some cool recommendations for you.

Study in Iași

The city of Iași is the main university center in the north-eastern region of Romania, this is why you will find here 5 of the most important, acclaimed, and time-honored public universities in the country. Let’s take a tour!

Home-grown fresh markets

You already know that fresh markets are amazing and essential – alongside supporting the local food economy, these are the places where we can build and strengthen our local communities.

Top vegan restaurants

Exclusively vegan restaurants in Iași are not found in such a large number, but you can find a wide variety of dishes in most regular restaurants.

Top 5 parks in the city

Iași is by all means a green city and parks, big and small, are always just within walking distance.

Architecture in Iași

Iași’s buildings bare witness to the different times in history, from princely palaces and communist rule to tragic events that changed the urban landscape of the city.