Best cafes for your creative work
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Best cafes for your creative work

If you’re used to remote working and looking for a nice place to do it while in Iasi (and maybe a productivity boost), we have some cool recommendations for you.

When you think about your favorite coffee shops, you think of welcoming and warm places, where you can hang out alone or with your friends, having your favorite type of coffee, right? Well, in the past years, coffee shops have become the new remote workplaces as more and more people feel more focused and productive when working in these locations. So, here’s a list of cool cafes worth checking out:


From Monday to Friday Acaju works as a coworking space. It’s quiet and cozy, being a good environment where you can check those tasks on the to-do list.

Tea and coffee are included in the price of a one-day ticket, along with a 20% discount on food. When the weather is nice, you can also work on the terrace, as it is equipped with sockets on almost every table. As a bonus, you get a welcoming atmosphere and warm light during the day.


Right in the city centre, you can find one of the nicest and simplest coffee shops in Iași where you can also work from. When at Fika, pair your coffee with some tasty bites to get some fuel, a really good mood, and, obviously, get your work done. 


If you like the smell of fresh, grounded coffee while working, Gist is the right place to be. It has a dedicated spot to work or study, high-speed internet, a special kind of background noise (if you ask us), and no co-worker interruptions. Cool music included.

Retro Cafe

Drop by Retro Cafe if you want a quiet place to work from during the day. With a relaxed atmosphere and pretty good prices on beverages, you’ll find a beautiful terrace to work from during spring or summer and a super friendly staff that will make you feel welcomed every time you get there.

If you prefer working in a controlled environment that is created exactly for that (i.e. work), you can always choose a co-working space.

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Photo by Tudor Munteanu

Cafes, Specialty coffee
Cosy specialty coffee shop in the heart of the city. Gist redefined what a coffee space design should be and built a community of togetherness around it.
Str. Cuza Voda nr. 4 700036 Iasi, Romania
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Photo by Fika

Cafes, Specialty coffee
Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude, a ritual. The moment that you take a break, often with a cup of coffee, but alternatively with tea, and find a baked good to pair with it. You can do it alone, you can do it with friends.Fika serves awesome specialty coffee and snacks in a lively, colorful environment. It also hosts a diverse array of events from book signings to intimate concerts and wine tastings. We're sure there's something special waiting for you!
Piața Unirii nr. 7, Iași 700058
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Photo by Retro Cafe

Bars, Cafes
On one of the oldest streets in Iasi, inside an old house covered in ivy, you will find one of the most intimate and lovable cafes and bars in Iasi. You'll probably go for the drinks, but you'll come back for the people.
Strada Lascăr Catargi nr. 50, Iași 700107
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Photo by Acaju

Bars, Cafes
You'll reach Acaju at the bottom of some wooden stairs. You'll find a community of creative people who grew up there, shared stories, parties and made friends. A landmark name among the city's younger generations.
Strada Anastasie Fătu nr. 2A, Iași 700128
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