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Classic Unlimited

October 7, 2022
Strada Vasile Alecsandri 6, Iași 700054

10 unique places in the country will be transformed, between September 8 and October 7, into concert halls to host the sixth edition of the Classic Unlimited national tour, supported by pianist Bogdan Vaida.

The Poetry(i) Museum is the first museum in Romania dedicated to the idea of poetry, the creator of the whole concept being Ion Barbu, one of the best-known visual artists in Romania. The museum is located in the House of Museums, which also houses the Museum of Romanian Literature, the Museum of the Jewish Theater in Romania, the Museum of Childhood in Communism and the Pogrom Museum of Iasi.
The building where the five museums are located is one of the oldest in Iasi.

The tickets for the Classic Unlimited tour are free, but you can financially support the tour by making a donation online, at the time of booking the ticket, or at the venue, before the concert.

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