the place where you can

shape time

Welcome to the city where you can travel to a past full of history and culture, make time stand still in the most wonderful cafes, restaurants and parks, or imagine and create the future.

Into the past

Immerse yourself in the streets of Romania’s capital of culture, where stories of the past are always just around the corner.


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Palas. A city within a city.

Discover the most beautiful public garden in this part of the world, huge and diverse shopping areas, cafes, restaurants and unique events, all right next to the Palace of Culture.

Pause for a moment

Your morning coffee on a swing? Food from every part of the world? How about nature at your feet? You choose how to live in the moment.

Discover Iași

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Main events in Iasi

Explore Iași’s unique events, big and small, all year round. 

-  21.05.2022
Art/ Creative/ Design
-  30.05.2022
Art/ Music
-  29.05.2022
Family/ Sports
Art/ Festival/ Music
-  26.06.2022
-  03.07.2022

Iași in a nutshell

With over 600 years of existence, Iași is a city of cultural and educational national premieres, an important IT and Outsourcing business hub, one of the biggest education centres in Romania.

Traveling to Iași?

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Create the future

The city where artists and programmers are not that different. Get to know, study, live and work in the fastest growing city in the country.