Classix Festival

Iasi, Romania

Classix Festival is the first independent classical music festival in Iași. Its debut took place in 2020 and is told and felt like a classic contemporary adventure. Classix redefines the concert experience and adapts it to contemporary audiences, encourages dialogue and repositions classical music from the world of elites and brings it closer to the curious, passionate and explorers.

The aim of the festival is to stimulate a new generation that broadens its intellectual interests, as well as the cultural revitalization of the city. Illustrated themes include national traditions, city history, promoting cultural diversity, and international heritage internationally.

The repertoire of concerts is well known and good to discover: the festival program aims to familiarize its audience with opuses, compositions and artists who do not enjoy the spotlight in the program of the country’s philharmonic.

The festival takes place in unique locations, outside the typical concert halls. A noteworthy premiere is the organization of the first piano concert in a cathedral in Iași, accompanied by visual projections inside the place. Classix marked the debut in Romania of the Austrian ensembles Selini Quartet (2020) and Artio Trio (2021). The year 2021 also brought the first audition of the Iași Quartet for the end of time by Olivier Messiaen.

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