Cupa Iașului la Mountain Bike

Cupa Iașului la Mountain Bike

October 1, 2022
Sat, Dobrovăț 707175

The Real Sports Association is organizing the 4th edition of the Iași Mountain Bike Cup, a stage of the Moldova MTB Cup 2022. The competition will be organized in the Bârnova-Dobrovăț forest area and will have the Dobrovăț Plateau (Afterhills) as its Start-Finish point. We estimate the participation of at least 400 competitors on the 3 competition routes: Elite Route – 60km; Challenge route – 40km; Family route – 10km.

We invite you to join 7MTB Real Sports and enjoy a day full of smiles, fun and movement with people who are passionate, like you, about a healthy and active lifestyle.

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