Dilema Veche conferences at Iași

Dilema Veche conferences at Iași

From October 6, 2022
To October 8, 2022
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 1, Iași 700028

The Old Dilemma conferences in Iasi. On War and Peace
October 6-8, Henri Coandă Hall of the Palace of Culture

Thursday, October 6
Ruxandra Ivan: “Who benefits from the privatization of war”
7:20 p.m

George Volceanov and Codrin Liviu Cutitaru: “War and (less) peace in Shakespeare”

Friday October 7

Anton Breiner and Cosmin Popa: “War and peace. What does Tolstoy tell us about the political soul of Russians?”
7:20 p.m

Andrei Cornea: “Forgery of the history of the Peloponnesian war. – The case of Plato’s Menexenus dialogue”

Saturday October 818.00
Sever Voinescu: “On moral clarity and what distorts our minds”
7:20 p.m

Petre Guran: “Internal war and external peace. On the social impact of spirituality”

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