Expoziția “Imperiul Roman – Tehnologia Învingătorilor”

Expoziția “Imperiul Roman – Tehnologia Învingătorilor”

From August 10, 2022
To November 10, 2022
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 1, Iași 700028

The “Moldova” National Museum Complex in Iași will host between 10 August – November 10 2022 an impressive exhibition that traveled across
the world: “The Roman Empire – Technology of the Victorious”.

The secrets of the most powerful empire in human history come to Iasi in the form of 44 exhibits that the public will be able to be admired within Ethnographic Museum of Moldova.

Innovative combat vehicles, military equipment and urbanistic technologies, the impressive armors worn by soldiers and the gladiators, all these were rebuilt by the artisans and specialists from the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum in Italy to be able to understand how the Romans managed to dominate the ancient world for almost a thousand years.

The visitors will see the concept of the Roman arch, whose technique stood at the basis of the empire’s constructions and progress: aqueducts, bridges and viaducts.

At the same time, the public will be able to learn how other elements were built such as: the Roman ram, the assault tower, the defense tower, the catapult and how effective they were in battle.

The exhibition will also include a series of clothing items such as
underwear subligaculum, uniforms worn by soldiers, inner tunic
and the outer silk tunic and other essential clothing items
from the roman woman’s wardrobe.

Brought into the current context and exposed through an itinerant narrative story, this could help the public better understand their own historical roots.

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