Iașul în bucate tradiționale, ecologice, montane și artizanale

Iașul în bucate tradiționale, ecologice, montane și artizanale

From September 24, 2022
To September 25, 2022
Aleea Grigore Ghica Vodă, Iași

By organizing this fair, we aim to contribute to promoting and encouraging the consumption of food products made according to traditional recipes, popular in the north-eastern area of the country.

At the same time, the aim is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit as well as to create new sales channels, for the valorization of agri-food productions obtained in medium and small farms in the region. At the same time, through this event, the organizers aim to promote a healthy diet among the people of Iași, as well as the development of culture for traditional culinary products.

During the fair, there will be information actions on the characteristics of organic products, a cooking workshop for children, supported by local producers as well as tastings of ecologically certified bee products, actions that have a strong educational component in terms of healthy eating.

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