Jassyro Experience | Les perles de France-bis

Jassyro Experience | Les perles de France-bis

August 18, 2022
Aleea Veronica Micle 4, Iași 700505

We are so glad that you enjoyed this new #Jassyroexperience so much ❤️. So we do a bis 😍!
Silviu (our mustache man) and Vali Tătar have created a new sparkling experience.

The history of French sparkling wines, from Limoux to Dom Perignon and Champagne.

We will taste Blanc de Blancs, Blanquette and Cremant de Limoux – all processed using the traditional method. We will make associations with stories and French cheeses and sugars.

On Thursday, August 18, starting at 19:00, Vali will tell us about the sparkling wine tradition in France, what is the connection between the Limoux area and the well-known Dom Perignon.

We will taste 6 sparkling wines together:
Blanquette de Limoux Albert Doulet raw
Blanquette de Limoux B&B Bouche brut
Cremant de Limoux Albert Doulet raw
Cremant de Limoux B&B Buche brut
Blanc de Blanc Le clos hortense sparkling wine
Cremant B&B Bouche brut nature

We will experience new aromas, textures and fine tastes together 😉, but most importantly we will spend quality time, together, in the shade of the cherry tree in Copou.

Accomplices will be, as usual, our people and local producers, Frateria, Cofeturi si Zaharicale and Gourmetteria Sapori.

Whether you come alone or with friends, we are sure you will have an exceptional time, learn new things, enjoy 5 wonderful sparkling wines, our pairings specially designed for this event and the sparkling talks and “pearls” of the presenters 😉 .

As usual, our favorite photographer, @Iulian Corbu, will be with us to capture this unique evening.

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