Paul’s Night

Paul’s Night

April 6, 2022

Iași Bicycle Club Team invites all those who are friendly, young and old, every Wednesday or Thursday of the week, in Unirii Square, Iași, in good weather conditions, to the event PAUL’S NIGHT / Paul’s Night.

During the event, the colleagues present will support you, encourage you and will gladly answer the questions, from the curious and friends, related to bicycles and routes.

Those present can take photos with those they ride with or the landscapes where they ride and can understand more about this passion. We are present with different types of bicycles from as many categories as possible. Those who are bold and with some will and / or experience can also participate in the weekend tours organized by Iași Bicycle Club Team / ICdB

For children we have a special group – Iași Junior Bicycle Club where we organize once a week routes dedicated to them. You will have fun, meet open people, new, talkative people who want to gladly share their experience. All this can be the beginning of a passion, and for skeptics it will certainly be a better understanding!

We look forward to sharing your smiles, good mood and getting to know each other!

Be a cyclist for a day / evening!

Let’s see what other surprises we’re preparing!

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