SOLARIS. Claudiu Ciobanu. A Vernissage.

SOLARIS. Claudiu Ciobanu. A Vernissage.

April 7, 2022
Șoseaua Sărărie 15, Iași 700083

“The exhibition borrows not only the title, but also some literary and visual motifs from the novel of the same name by Stanislav Lem (1961), as well as from its screening by director Andrei Tarkovsky (1972). These loans are filtered through a personal exercise in cultural archeology of the science-fiction imaginary adapted to become an instrument of existential analysis of an imminent planetary catastrophe. Thus, Claudiu Ciobanu stages in a non-linear dramaturgy the meeting of some anonymous space explorers and colonists with the planet-organism from Lem’s novel. ” (Cristian Nae)

Claudiu Ciobanu is part of the young generation of artists from Iași, being a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, “George Enescu” National University of Art in Iaşi. He studied painting through the Erasmus program at the University of Salamanca, Spain, where he discovered painting techniques and experimental drawing. His studies in Spain ended with an exhibition of drawings that was later selected in 2009 for the exhibition Young Romanian Art 10, “Slightly bored”, curated by Mircea Nicolae at the New Gallery, Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice. various national and international projects, being present in exhibitions in Israel, Washington, Berlin, Vienna.

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