World Disco Soup Day
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World Disco Soup Day

April 30, 2022
Strada Gavriil Musicescu 14, Iași 700259

We join the global @World Disco Soup Day event that the international @Slow Food and @Slow Food Youth Network community is dedicating to the fight against food waste.
We line up the vegetables recovered by our colleagues from Mai Bine on disco music and turn them into a delicious soup that will be the #todaysspecialty, which we are waiting for you to eat.

At the urging of #maibinefacimaibinegăsești, we invite you to make a small donation from which we can also offer a hot soup to refugees, either in the account RO27BACX0000000857400000 (with the mention “table for refugees”) or on the spot.

*Recovered vegetables are vegetables that are about to be thrown away because they were not bought or could not be sold on time, they have aesthetic “defects”, or because they do not have enough storage space and long storage.

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