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Braunstein Palace

The Braunstein Palace, a symbol of the city, was recently renovated and regained its magic, bringing new life into the city center.

Impressive in its sumptuousness, the palace was built on the site of older buildings owned by Adolf Braunstein, a Jewish entrepreneur who owned several shops in the area at the time.

The dome of the palace was inaugurated in 1915. Over time, the building has had various functions, including hotel, bank, party headquarters. During the communist period, the building was nationalized, operating here, for a while, Victoria Store, the upstairs apartments being used for social housing. After the fall of communism in 1989, some parts of the building were returned, later being repurchased, and the building became the property of the town hall.

Strada Cuza Vodă 2, Iași 700259
Photo by Andrei Cucu

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