Two wheels routes in Iași recommended by ProBikeAddiction
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Two wheels routes in Iași recommended by ProBikeAddiction

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There is no bike lover in Iași that did not hear at least one time of ProBikeAddiction. Whether they have traveled together, taken their classes, or volunteered, they are familiar with the activity of the team who made cycling appealing. Iași feels widely different from a bicycle, so I was keen to speak with the guys and gals at ProBikeAddiction about some fantastic routes you can explore in our city.

The Big Lane

Palatul Culturii → Ștefan cel Mare Street → Piața Unirii → Alexandru Lăpușneanu Street → Fundație → Carol I Boulevard → Rond Agronomie → Castel

This route is generous concerning the number of tourist spots, so you may have to get off your bike to ensure you don’t miss anything. You either take time and save energy to enjoy everything that this journey offers fully, or you can continue staying on the bike and observe the attractions on the go. Both options are pleasant and have their charm, even though the experience is pretty different. However, you can choose depending on what you want to achieve that particular day.

Promenade Route (from Dacia to Ciric)

Podu de Piatră → Cantemir → Podu Roș → Tudor Vladimirescu

This preference comes with a wide range of challenges for bike lovers as it crosses several significant intersections within the city. It would be best to get off your bike to control better what’s happening with the jam and step into the role of a responsible pedestrian. Please note that if you want to experience a bit of adrenaline and make your blood rush faster, you can go down to the bank of Bahlui, right next to the water, to see how the land feels under the wheels.

Through the forests of Iași

Ciric, Cetățuia or Uricani

ProBikeAddiction was in charge of marking 6km of the route in the Uricani forest, an area perfect for the unskilled one or for families with children who want to enjoy a laidback ride and more oxygen in their lungs. You can meet runners or hikers who escaped the city to recharge their batteries there.

On a different note, if you want to enjoy smoother paths without large level differences but with plenty of greenery, then the Ciric forest is the perfect escapade in this sense. A hidden gem with a few good kilometers to explore from top to toe. This particular area is a match for several types of cyclists: children, beginners, but also A-players who are more experienced. Several ramps explicitly designed for jumping and inclined roots can raise some difficulty for the latter.

The Cetățuia forest, on the other hand, offers a series of exciting trails thanks to all the steep climbs and descents with sharp turns. If you have had such adventures, you might have a lot of fun. The only downside is that once you get used to it and start liking it, the route suddenly ends because it’s pretty short. But hey, at least you have the chance to test your bike’s performance and your Mountain Bike skills.

Longer routes (from Rond Vechi CUG)

If you have plenty of spare time and want to enjoy cycling at a slower pace, there are some amazing routes where you cross all kinds of historical monuments, plenty of nature, and lovely gastronomic points.

The Bârnova Repedea forest is the ideal place for such endeavors, and the best starting point to explore them is Rond Vechi CUG. This way, you will avoid the jam and kick it off in style.

  • Rond Vechi CUG → Cetățuia Forest → Hlincea → Bârnova → Releu (parallel path to Drumul Dobrovățului) → Forest Road Bogonos → Bârnova Barrier → Hamak → Bârnova → Bârnova Monastery → Hlincea Monastery → Cetățuia Forest → Rond Vechi CUG.
  • Rond Vechi CUG → Cetățuia Forest → Hlincea Monastery → Lunca Cetățuii (Brick Factory) → Ciurea → Piciorul Lupului → Curaturi → Poiana cu Cetate (3 amazing spots: 1 Poiana cu Schit (Poiana cu Statui), Cujba Church Ruins și Local gastronomical point) → Balon Meteo → Slobozia → Ciurea → Lunca Cetățuii → Cetățuia Forest → Rond Vechi CUG.
  • Rond Vechi CUG → Cetățuia Forest → Hlincea → Bârnova → Releu (parallel path to Drumul Dobrovățului) → Crossroads with Drumul Forestier Bogonos → Asfalt spre Dobrovăț → Gastronomical Point Dobrovăț → The Wooden Church → Belvedere Point → Dobrovăț Monastery → Releu → Bârnova → Hlincea → Cetățuia Forest → Rond Vechi CUG.

If you don’t enjoy traveling alone, nor do you have a group of friends to share this experience, you can easily reach out to ProBikeAddiction. The themed cycling tours they organize or build from scratch (tailored to specific requests) are ideal for discovering Iași and its surroundings through different lenses.

Besides the fun rides, ProBikeAddiction offers bike rentals, road assistance, and specialized mechanics. At the end of the trip, you get plenty of memorable photos and videos to remind you for a lifetime of the joy you experienced on two wheels.

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Photo by Iulian Aruxandei

Landmarks, Squares
The Union Square represents a spatial landmark of the city and the intersection place of three major streets: “Ștefan cel Mare” Boulevard (the former Big Street), Alexandru Lăpușneanu Street (the former Serbian Street) and Cuza Vodă Street (the former Golia Street).
Piața Unirii, Iași
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Photo by Andrei Postolache

Hiking, Parks
The reservoirs in the valley of the Ciric River were created from the desire of the city’s inhabitants to have a leisure area. The chain of lakes had the role of regulating the flow of water downstream and also they became the ideal place for recreation in Iasi.
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Photo by Andrei Cucu

Architecture, Landmarks
The main attraction and the absolute symbol of Iași, the Palace of Culture represents an emblematic museum of Romania and the headquarters of the National Museum Complex of Moldavia.
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 1, Iași 700028
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Photo by Cezar Suceveanu

The Cetățuia Monastery, located on the hill of the same name, guards the city with its slender silhouette.
Str. Cetățuia 2, Iași 707317
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The street got its name from Voivode Alexandru Lăpușneanu, the one who moved Moldavia’s capital form Suceava to Iași in 1564.
Strada Alexandru Lăpușneanu, Iași
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Photo by La Castel

Gardens, Restaurants
La Castel is a large complex comprised of restaurant halls, gardens, a hotel and event venues. The place is located a bit off from the top of the Copou Hill, at the edge of the city, inside a forest. The landscape is beautiful and appropriate for a quiet getaway not far from the crowded city.
Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu nr. 54, Iași 700489
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Photo by ROCEZ Travel

Activities, Hiking
Repedea Hill or "la releu" as the people of Iași call it, with an altitude of 353 m, differentiates itself among the seven hills primarily by the spectacular panorama over the city. From the highest peak, above Cuesta Iasi, you can admire the main landmarks in the city, the surrounding hills, and lakes.
DJ248D 24, Păun
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