Photo by Tudor Munteanu

Instagram tour

The places that double-tap your heart out!

Take a shameless Instagram tour of the city: everybody does it and your feed will look gorgeous afterwards. Whether you’re looking for panoramic views or just good walls that bring out your eyes, these places will be perfect for your album/ scrapbook/ travel influencer feed/ some uncle who wanted to remain unimpressed about our city. You show him!

Palas is not only about the Palas shopping mall; it is a city within a city. The entire project consists of an urbanistic ensemble with an amphitheatre, event halls, urban waterfalls, offices and a lovely public garden (this is also a very good place for a picnic, a read or a me moment). It is very close to the Palace of Culture, which will be the next logical destination.

The Palace of Culture

Not only is this an incredibly beautiful building (we recommend wide shots or close details), but this palace hosts several museums: art, history, ethnographic, science and technology. Furthermore, you can visit the Gothic room, the Henri Coanda room (he was a Romanian inventor who pioneered the plane, so of course we’ll brag about him) and enjoy the photos you can take in the main hallway.

Gist coffee

We also mentioned this place as our best speciality coffee and working/ studying/ reading place in the city. This place has it all and is not ashamed to show it. The interior design is gorgeous and any angle will look flattering. You can pose in the swing, near the large windows where the afternoon light bathes you, or in one of the comfy armchairs that make the place feel like home.

Street art

The last several years have seen a boom in the number of new street art spots in the city. Mostly through the Artipic Association, new hidden and not-so-hidden places in Iași can be admired and photographed. You can read about our favorites in the street art guide or discover them all through the link below.

Three Hierarchs Monastery

Monasteries and churches are not really your thing? But how about history and architecture? The monastery is unique, given the sculpted exterior as a stone lace with Russian, Oriental, Persian, Georgian, Armenian and Transylvanian Gothic influences and geometric motifs.

There are plenty more spots for a memorable photo. Browse through all of Iași in our section here.

The Yellow Ravine

Comprised of a semi-circular central body, with a terrace in the upper part, and on the façade, there is a mini cascade, not functional today. On each side of the central body we can see the two curved stairways, each with three balconies in the inside part, framing a small garden. The edifice attracts many visitors, impressed by the massiveness and the architecture of the edifice and newlyweds come here to take pictures in “Juliet’s Balcony”.

Any natural area around the city, like Ciric Lake, Bucium and Repedea hills and other forests and lakes, are ideal spots for photography too. Take some time to wander around and share your memories with your friends.

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Photo by Tudor Munteanu

Cafes, Specialty coffee
Cosy specialty coffee shop in the heart of the city. Gist redefined what a coffee space design should be and built a community of togetherness around it.
Str. Cuza Voda nr. 4 700036 Iasi, Romania
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Photo by Andrei Cucu

Churches, Landmarks
The “Three Hierarchs” Monastery of Iași is a unique monument in Romania, situated in the historical centre of the city on “Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt” Boulevard.
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt nr. 28, Iași 700259
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Photo by Andrei Cucu

Architecture, Landmarks
The main attraction and the absolute symbol of Iași, the Palace of Culture represents an emblematic museum of Romania and the headquarters of the National Museum Complex of Moldavia.
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 1, Iași 700028
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Landmarks, Squares
“I find the opinion according to which the systematization process has to be very “elastic”, quite unjust, because this usually leads to urban anarchy and losing the general view. No doubt that under these conditions it is imposed to maintain a strict urban discipline without which any effort could be easily cancelled”. Boris Grunberg, “Systematisation of Iași”, Architecture R.P.R. 4 (1959).
Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 10-12, Iași 700063
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