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Public transport

Public transport in Iași is covered by 8 tram lines and 24 bus lines.

Iași has modern buses and trams in almost all areas of the city. Tickets can be bought either in the main transit stations during working hours at the counter and the automatic payment machines, inside the buses using the self-pay devices by card (contactless too) or by sms using the 24Pay official app.  All tickets are available both on trams and buses.

The persons found in the means of transport without a valid travel card can pay on the spot a so-called “special travel fare”, amounting to 50 lei (10 Euros), based on a receipt issued by the controllers. If you don’t pay this, you will have to be fined the full amount.

Please bear in mind these following rules when traveling by either bus or tram, so everyone can enjoy a pleasant ride.

  • make sure that you have a valid ticket or subscription before boarding a means of transport

  • before ascending, wait for all the passengers who descend through the door on the side of which you have positioned to finish the descent

  • validate the ticket immediately after boarding the means of transport

  • present the ticket, season ticket or travel document that you have to the control bodies or to the driver of the vehicle at their request

  • do not park in front of the doors after climbing, so as not to block them

  • don’t carry bulky luggage, flammable or explosive materials or substances that emit unpleasant odors

  • don’t get into the bus or tram with dogs without muzzle and leash

  • don’t smoke, eat or drink inside the vechicles

  • please do not address the driver while driving

  • do not say insulting words to passengers, controllers or the driver of the means of transport in which you are

  • do not speak loudly and listen to music only on headphones and with a volume low enough so as not to disturb the other passengers or the driver of the means of transport in which you are

  • don’t remain inside the means of transport after it has reached the end of the line, if the disembarkation station is different from the one for embarkation

  • don’t smoke electronic cigarettes inside the means of transport


Here are the apps you can use to help you out when using public transport in Iași:

Tranzy – the mobile application that guides you through the city, when you choose to take the bus or the tram. It gives you real-time up-to-date information about lines, the location of nearby stations, the time of arrival of the means of transport at the station, the optimal routes depending on the chosen starting point, the distance to the destination, vehicles and traffic alerts.

24Pay – a simple e-wallet that allows you to buy public transportation tickets at any time, without worrying about having exact change or finding a ticket point of sales.

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