Taxis and ride sharing
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Taxis and ride sharing

You can easily find a cab in Iași for two reasons: they are all painted in yellow and they are everywhere. You'll also find Uber and Bolt, which both have a larger number of modern cars.

They can be found in taxi stations across the city, you can order one by telephone or by using one of the apps below. By law, they are all required to have taxation meters inside, so don’t get into one if it doesn’t. The price indicated on the taximeters are in Lei. A ride to the city center costs around 25-30 Lei (5-6 Euros).

All the taxis parked outside the airport are pre-approved. Always take the first one in line.

Price for start2.44 LEI – 2.99 LEI
Price for stationing24.40 LEI – 29.90 LEI
Price per kilometer2.44 LEI
Price for start2.64 LEI – 2.99 LEI
Price for stationing26.40 LEI – 29.90 LEI
Price per kilometer2.64 LEI
Taxi apps

You can call the taxi companies to order a cab (Euro Taxi – 0232 217 217, Lux Taxi – 0232 255 255) or use one of the available apps.

Star Taxi

Free now

Car sharing apps



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