Mihai Eminescu Musem

The museum offers documentary evidence on the life and work of the most important and loved poet and writer of Romanian, as well as his endless love for the poet Veronica Micle, shown through poems and love letters.

The building’s architecture, made after the sketches of architect Virgiliu Onofrei, evokes the sizes of Eminescu’s life and creation. The two towers from the entrance are inspired from the shape of the ones at Putna Monastery, the entrance tower and the treasure tower where Mihai Eminescu spent the night on August 1871, during the National Great Celebration from Putna. These towers symbolise Love (Veronica Micle) and friendship (Ion Creangă). The museum is structured on three directions: Destiny, Art, and Friendship and presents book collections and plastic art. It is also a place of meeting of creators of literature, photography, theatre, cinema, ethnography.

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