Poetry museum

Hosted inside the House of Museums, The Poetry Museum includes a permanent exhibition by Ion Barbu, comprising of picto-poems and five large-scale artistic installations.

The first of the installations is called “The Poetsʼ Footsteps” and is present in all rooms. It displays the actuall shoes of contemporary poets together with fictional ones of classical poets to suggest a poetic circuit of steps. In the room to the right you’ll find the work entitled “Bottles for the Mind, Heart and Literature”, a collection of bottles with poems written by hand by Romanian poets. “Letters to the Good Lord” is the installation in the middle room, containing 10 typewriters, each of them dedicated to Romanian poets. In the room to the left there is “Haute couture / Haute culture”, a display of mannequins dressed in painted poetry. In this same room you’ll find “Stones for my Temple”, a collection of stones, painted with a symbol and a word, that together make up contemporary poems.

Ion Barbu’s modern visual language of expressing poetry is unique. It draws attention and in itself is poetry.

Strada Vasile Alecsandri 6, Iași 700054
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