Poni – Cernătescu Museum

The building that houses the "Poni - Cernătescu" Museum, declared a historical monument, was built in 1839 by Metropolitan Veniamin Costachi (1768-1846). In 1880 it became the property of Professor Petru Poni, a member of the Romanian Academy, an exponent of the generation of scientists who laid the foundations of Romanian science.

Since 1925, the house belongs to Petru Poni’s daughter, the chemist Margareta Poni, who donated it in 1971 to the Popular Council of Iași, in order to be organized as a memorial museum dedicated to the Petru Poni family. The park of the house and its gazebo, called the “poetry kiosk” – rebuilt in 1995 – where they read lyrics by Mihai Eminescu, Veronica Micle, Matilda Cugler-Poni, give a special charm to the building. The scientist’s niece, Professor Florica Mageru, also made an important donation to the National Museum Complex “Moldova” Iasi, including the movable property existing at that time in the house of the Poni family. After a long restoration process, the museum was inaugurated in 1991, under the name of the Museum of Iasi Chemistry “Petru Poni”. In 1994 it became the “Poni-Cernătescu” Museum.

Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 7B, Iași 700454
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