Museum of childhood in communism

The name is pretty explanatory. This museum recreates the environment of childhood during the communist era.

The exhibit is divided into two areas: one is a classroom and the other is a child’s home during that period. They display familiar objects that are reminiscent of the “Golden Age” when communism strived to create “the new man” from early on in every child’s life.

This museum was organized in partnership with the Free Trade Union in Pre-University Education (USLIP) Iași. It also hosted one-time exhibitions like “The Childhood of our Parents” and “The Museum of Daily Life in Communism” (2014), “Propaganda Matters 1.0” (2016). The museum does an excelent job at transporting you into a past that a lot of Romanian grown-ups still carry in their memories.

Strada Vasile Alecsandri 6, Iași 700054
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